Recipes from Europe


January 2021

Traditional cheese, chocolate, seafood and vegetable tempura, and hot oil and meat fondue

Pasta Marinara with Humanities Week

April 2021

Restaurant quality pasta marinara and garlic bread

Greek Cuisine

September 2020

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Dolmades, avgolemono sauce, tzatziki, horiatiki, potatosalata, and yiaourti me meli
Stuffed grape leaves, lemon sauce, Greek yogurt dip, tomato salad, potato salad, and Greek yogurt with honey

Authentic Italian Lasagna

November 2020

Lasagna and caprese salad

Belarusian Pastry

September 2019

Smazhenka and mors (hot cranberry drink)

Dishes from Spain

September 2019

Gazpacho, eggplant omelet, and potato and tuna salad

Russian Breakfast

October 2019

Sharlotka, Russain chocolate "salami," and sirniki

Georgian Cuisine

May 2019

Eggplant rolls with walnuts, spinach salad with walnuts, cheese bread, and corn bread

Greek Cuisine

February 2019

Meatballs with rice and yogurt sauce (yuvarlakia) and Greek spicy cheese dip (tirokafteri)

Traditional Polish Dinner

February 2019

White soup (barszcz biały), fried pork cutlets and eggs (schabowy/sadzone z ziemniakami), and coal miners cake (babka górnicza)

A Taste of Russia

November 2018

Russian blini, olivye salad, and Russian sirniki

Italian Gnocchi

March 2018

Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce

French Galettes and Desserts

July 2018

Isle Flottante (floating island), galettes, and canneles

Italian Cuisine

July 2018

Caprese salad with balsamic reduction, Mediterranean rice salad with citrus and vinaigrette, and stuffed zucchini and eggplant

Herb and Cheese Gnocchi Parisienne

January 2018

Canlis Salad and Thomas Keller's Herb Gnocchi with Summer Squash

A Thousand Polish Pierogis

January 2018

Pierogis with various savory and sweet fillings: sauerkraut and mushrooms, pork and mushrooms, potatoes and cheese, bacon and chili peppers, buckwheat, cheese, and bacon, feta cheese and spinach, white cheese, blueberries, nutella s'mores, and peanut butter and jelly

Cannelloni with Ricotta

February 2018

Cannelloni with ricottra (and ham)

Spring Italian Ravioli

April 2018

Pea and Mint Ravioli with Lamb Ragu

Italian Dishes

September 2018

Caprese skewers with balsamic reduction, bruschette with tomatoes/Italian salame, fried mozzarella balls, cantaloupe skewers with chili olive oil, and mini sausage and veggies kabobs

Spanish Tapas

November 2018

Tortilla de patatas and Gazpacho

Italian Cuisine

September 2017

Linguine with pesto, zucchini boats, and nectarine gelato

Oktoberfest Dishes

September 2017

Pretzels (brezeln), white sausages (weißwürste), and sparkling apple juice (apfelschorle)

Turkish Cuisine

November 2017

Red lentil soup, Kisir, Mucver, and Mozaik Pasta

French Macarons

June 2017

French macarons with chocolate filling 

Ukrainian Cuisine

July 2017

Mixed Meats Solyanka Soup, Cheese-and-Carrot Spread, and Berries Romanoff

German Fruit Cakes

July 2017

 Fruit-glazed cake (Bienenstich), red wine cakes with cherries, plum pie, and apple pizza (Zwetschgendatschi)

From the Kitchen of Nana: Italian Comfort Food

February 2017

Pasta e fagioli and ricotta cheese cookies

Polish Soups and Dumplings

September 2016

Sauerkraut soup with Polish-style mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, and dumplings with white cheese

Vegan Italian

November 2016

Zoodles with meatballs

Polish Golabki & Pierogi

March 2016

Cabbage rolls, potato pancakes, and blueberry dumplings

Kitchens Around the World - Sweden

March 2016

Yellow split pea soup and fluffy Swedish pancakes

Summer Russian Soups & Pie

June 2016

Kurnik (chicken pie), Okroshka (vegetable cold soup with Kvass), and Svekolnik (cold beets soup)

Viennese Gulasch, Salat & Schnitzel

June 2016

Gulasch Suppe, Warmer Kraut Salat (Warm Cabbage Salad), and Wiener Schnitzel (Veal - pork - chicken)

Kitchens Around the World - France

February 2016

Crepes and Quiche Lorraine

A Taste of Russia

February 2016

Plov and syrniki 

Polish Christmas Dinner

December 2016

Pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms, herring rolls, red borscht, Polish fish in Greek style, Christmas wheat berry pudding, honey spiced cookies, and dried fruit compote

Kitchens Around the World - Spain

April 2016

Spanish omelet (tortilla Espanola) and fried potatoes (patatas bravas)

Taste of Greek Cuisine

September 2016

Greek salad and tzaziki

Eastern European Dishes

September 2015

Shopska salad and stuffed red peppers

Spanish Tapas

October 2015

Marinated olives, potatoes bravas, fried padron peppers, Spanish ham, clams in green sauce, Manchego cheese with quince and alcohol-free sangria

Polish Dishes

November 2015

Polish borscht and uszka with mushrooms and sauerkraut filling

Russian Cooking

March 2015

Cheese patties ('syrniki') and dumplings ('pelmeni') 

German Meatballs and Dessert

April 2015

Konigsberg meatballs and westfalische quarkspeise

l'Heure du Gouter

November 2014

Cream puffs and lemon madeleines

The Colors of Italy

November 2014

Fresh pasta, pesto sauce, marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, and tiramisu

Cavalier Cooking 101: Dumplings from Around the World

March 2014

Chicken potstickers,  spinach and ricotta ravioli, and samosas

Eastern European Dishes

June 2014

‚ÄãMoussaka, shopska salad, and snezhanka salad

Polish Christmas Dishes

January 2014

Barszcz czerwony z uszkami, uszka, and ryba po grecku

German Cooking

April 2014

German meatloaf, spatzle, cucumber salad, and apfelkuchle

Salads from Around the World

April 2014

Broccoli salad, salad-e shirazi, caprese salad, edamame and rice noodle salad, Vietnamese cucumber salad, and pickled carrots and daikon

Cordon Bleu and Crepes

September 2014

Chicken cordon blue, ratatouille, and crepes

Russian Kitchen

September 2013

Borsch, salat olivier, and blinchiki

Taste of Southern Italy

May 2013

Mushroom bruschetta, tomato bruschetta, pasta with meat sauce, meatballs, and lemon and orange marmalade cake

Traditional Polish Dinner

March 2013

Beet soup ('barszcz czerwony'), potato and cheese pierogies ('pierogi ruskie'), sweet fried pierogies with poppy seeds ('makowiki'), and sauerkraut salad

Best of Georgia

March 2013

Hatchapurri, chicken tabaka, and tomato and cucumber salad

Spanish Tapas

June 2013

Pan con tomate y jamón serrano, datiles con tocino, gambas al ajillo, and espinacas con chile y limón rallado

French and Vietnamese Fusion

June 2012

Pate chaud and pate choux

Serbo-Croatian Cooking

January 2012

Spinach pie ('pita zeljanica'), meat pie ('pita od mesa'), bean and sour cabbage soup ('jota'), red beets salad, wheat and walnut cake ('slavsko zito'), and jam rolls ('kiflice od pekmeza')

Good Eats in Valencia

October 2012

Paella valenciana, pan con aceite, stuffed portobellos, horchata, and naranjas

Cooking in France

May 2012

Hot goat cheese ('chevre chaud'), deviled eggs ('oeufs mimosas'), quiche lorraine, ratatouille, and crepes

Polish and Spanish Cooking

May 2012

Tomato soup ('zupa pomidorowa'), potato pancakes with goulash ('placki ziemniaczane z gulaszem'), tortilla espanola, quail, and ham, cheese, and olive tapas

Polish Cooking

June 2012

Cucumbers in sour cream ('mizeria'), sauteed cauliflower with breadcrumbs ('smazony kalafior z bulka tarta'), zucchini stew ('bigos z cukinii'), sticky potatoes with sauerkraut ('prazoki z kapusta kiszona'), stuffed beef roulades ('zrazy zawijane'), and yeast cake with fruit and crumbs

British Cooking

September 2011

Gluten-free sundried tomato bread, curried chickpeas, and shepherd's pie

La Cucina Italiana di Giulia

November 2011

Lasagna and tiramisu

Cooking with Pumpkin

November 2011

Healthy black bean dip, spicy pepita nut mix, Thai pumpkin soup, fresh salad greens with pumpkin dressing, northern Italian pumpkin lasagna, and oatmeal choco-pumpkin crisps

French Bistro

June 2011

Steak with red wine sauce, peas braised with vegetables, potato puree, and upside-down apple tart ('tarte tatin')

Vegan Homemade Pasta and Sauce

July 2011

Homemade pasta, porcini and mushroom cream sauce, potato salad, cashew cheese salad, raspberry dressing, and pomodoro e basilico sauce

Italian Cooking

February 2011

Egg noodles, pasta sauce, tiramisu, bruschetta, salad, and meatballs

English Vegan

February 2011

Shepherd's pie, English muffin mini pizza, and English-style trifle

Christmas Eve in Poland

December 2011

Beetroot soup ('barszcz czerwony'), dumplings ('pierogi'), split peas with cabbage ('groch z kapusta'), sour soup with beans ('kwasnica z fasola'), "Greek" fish ('ryba po grecku'), noodles with poppy seed, dried fruit, and nuts ('kluski z makiem'), and dried fruit compote ('kompot z suszu')

German Desserts

April 2011

Black forest cake and German apple cake

Provence, France Home-Cooking

April 2011

Light French dressing ('Vinaigrette allegee'), chicken in creamy sauce ('vallee d'Auge'), cherry flan ('clafouti aux cerises'), and chocolate mousse

French Cafe (Cafe Parisien)

December 2010

Croque monsieur, petits pains au chocolat, and cafe au lait

Balkan Cuisine

December 2010

Musaka with potatoes, baklava, baked beans in sauce ('pasulj prebranac'), baked sauerkraut ('podvarak'), urnebes salad, and torshi


September 2010

Pretzels, Bavarian creme, and bratwurst with sauerkraut

Beyond Alfredo: An Intro to Pasta

October 2010

Ragu alla bolognese, bucatini all'Amatriciana, and linguine with Sicilian pesto

Polish Cooking

November 2010

Yellow pea soup, vegetable salad, and faworki

Vegan Polish and Romanian Cooking

February 2010

Eggplant spread, polenta, stuffed grape laves ('sarmale'), pierogie, sunflower seed spread, nut spread, cucumber salad ('mizeria'), and tofu cheesecake

Russian Cooking

October 2009

Pirozhki, vinegret salad, and almond rings ('kol'tso mindal 'noe')

Portuguese Cooking

October 2009

Bread with chorizo ('pao com chorico'), dry cod with cream ('bacalhau com natas'), and sericaia

German Cooking

November 2009

Laugen pretzels ('laugenbrezeln'), obatzda, onion cake ('zwiebelkuchen'), and crepes

Austrian Cooking

March 2009

Schnitzel and potato salad

Austrian Cooking

March 2009

Schnitzel and Austrian potato salad

Central European Cooking

December 2009

Bulgarian mixed salad, German potato salad, Serbian potato salad, borstch, leeks with olives, Romanian mushrooms in tomato sauce, tempeh paprikash, and Belarus kutya

Italian Cooking: Delizie Piemontesi

August 2009

Pomodori ripieni con salsa verde, pasta alla panna e limone, and martin sec al vino

Greek Cooking

April 2009

Stuffed grape leaves ('dolmathes'), phyllo-cheese pies ('tyropites'), phyllo-walnut pastry ('baklava'), spinach-phyllo pie ('spanakopita'), cucumber-yogurt appetizer ('tzatziki'), and eggplant appetizer ('melitzanosalata')

Spanish Cooking

April 2009

Paella and gazpacho 

Scandinavian Winter Supper

February 2003

Beet and apple salad, meat turnover ('piirakka'), and Finnish oven pancake ('pannkaka') 

Dutch Desserts

November 2001

Fried apples and apple pie

French Crepes

November 2001

Crepes "suzzette"

Italian Desserts

February 2001

Tiramisu and cheesecake