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UVA International Center
A Division of the International Studies Office

Event Space


UVA departments and organizations with an international/multicultural focus and ethnic/cultural CIOs are welcome to request to use the space for their events.  Other UVA groups may request to use the space if their event has an international/multicultural focus. Requests must be made at least one week in advance and are considered based on the times and spaces requested, the size of the group, and a consideration of others using the International Center (IC).

CALENDAR TIP: To see end times, click on the event or use week view instead of month view.

Information and Guidelines:

Hours:  1pm-7pm, daily. The maximum reservation length is 4 hours and no items can be brought in before the start time.

Spaces: Events must stay in their reserved spaces. Other spaces in the building are for the international lodgings guests.  

Amenities:  50" plasma TV with DVD player and HDMI cable for laptop connection, 40 folding chairs, 5 folding tables, whiteboard, and the UVA wireless network.

Meals:  Events must bring their own disposable items - plates, cups, forks, napkins, and plastic bags/containers for leftovers.

Kitchen:  Inquire in advance about any special cooking equipment. Frying should be kept to a minimum. IC refrigerators and food items are not for event use.  

Parking/Bicycles Up to 8 cars can be parked in the lot behind the building. Bicycles should be chained to the rack beside the garage. 

Smoking/Vaping:  Use the brick patio behind the building, not the front or side porches.

Alcohol/Animals:  Events must follow UVA's alcohol use policies and no animals are allowed in the building.


Event space