Event Space

Event Space

To check availability, email [email protected].

The International Center is a multi-use space with classes and activities several times a week, six guest rooms for international scholars coming to UVA for short-term study, research, and collaboration, and is a daily work environment for professional administrative, housekeeping, and facilities management staff. 

UVA departments and organizations with an international/multicultural focus and ethnic/cultural CIOs are welcome to inquire about using the space during the hours of 1-7pm, with a four-hour maximum.  Other UVA groups holding an event with an international/multicultural focus can also inquire. 

Requests must be made at least one week in advance and are considered based on the times and spaces requested, the size of the group, the availability of center staff monitors, and a consideration of others using the center. 

Information and Guidelines


  • A center staff meets the group leader at the arrival time of the reservation:
    • Unlocks the front door for the group.
    • Posts private signs on the restricted areas.
    • Confirms recycle/compost/trash bins based on the event needs.
    • Conducts an initial walk-through with first-time users to show them where to find the things they may need and to answer any questions.
  • At the end of the reservation, the group leader will do a final walk-through with the staff monitor to confirm that the spaces have been returned to their original condition:
    • Furniture that was moved is put back in place.
    • Floors, furniture, and tablecloth have no visible mess. 
    • Trash, compost, and/or recycling bins that are over half full are taken out and the liners replaced.
    • If the kitchen was used, all dishes, cookware, and utensils are washed, dried, and put away. Sinks, counters, and cooktop are clean and free of grease.


  • 1pm-7pm, with a four-hour maximum.
  • Before 1pm and after 7pm the space is in use by others. 
  • No items can be brought in before the arrival time and groups must leave the space on time.


  • Events must stay in their reserved spaces as there are lodgings rooms on the upper and lower levels.
  • The additional bathrooms on the upper and lower levels are for urgent use only as they are associated with the lodgings rooms.


  • Groups are welcome to move the furniture but should take a “before” picture to help them put it back.
  • The center has the UVA wireless network and there is an HDMI cable attached to the TV if groups want to connect their laptop.
  • There is a whiteboard and extra chairs and folding tables available.


  • Groups must bring their own service ware items - plates, cups, forks, napkins, and containers for leftovers. Compostable wares are preferred.


  • Any full trash/recycle/compost bins should be taken to the outside receptacles and their liners replaced.
  • The staff monitor shows the group the provided cleaning supplies (towels, broom, bin liners).


  • Groups using the kitchen must clean everything back to its original condition: all dishes, cookware, and utensils washed, dried, and put away, and sinks, counters, and cooktop clean and free of grease.
  • Items in cabinets labeled for staff and guests are not for use by groups.
  • There is no refrigerator access for groups.
  • Groups should inquire in advance about any special cooking equipment.
  • Frying is discouraged and should be kept to a minimum as the kitchen does not have the ventilation capacity.



  • Up to 8 cars can be parked in the lot behind the building.
  • Parking on the street is by permit only.
  • Bicycles should be chained to the rack beside the garage.



  • Anyone who smokes can use the brick patio behind the building and dispose of butts in the outside trash bins.
  • No smoking in front of the building or on the side porches.


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