Recipes from Africa

Nigerian Cuisine

February 2021

Jollof rice, baked suya chicken, and salad


June 2020

Tunisian Vegetarian Dishes

April 2019

Couscous with veggies, Tunisian salad, almond balls, and cauliflower fritters

Classic Moroccan Dishes

June 2019

Moroccan salad, zaalouk (eggplant dip), bisara (fave bean soup), and ghuraibat albaydh (cookies)

Homemade Baklava and Mint Tea

October 2018

Baklava and mint tea

Algerian-French Fusion

August 2018

Chicken quiche and fruit tart

Algerian Tadjine and Baklava

April 2018

Tajine-el-Khoukh (Algerian Stuffed Peaches) and Baklava

Senegalese Thiéboudienne- Fish and Rice

February 2017

Fish and rice and hibiscus tea 

Algerian Cuisine 

December 2017

Bourek bel kefta (beef spring rolls), tadjine zitoon (chicken with olives tadjine), and samsa (almond triangle)

Tunisian Vietnamese Fusion

April 2017

Vietnamese summer rolls and fruit cocktail in coconut milk and Tunisian ojja

Cameroonian Beignets Haricot

September 2016

Beignets, stewed beans, plantains, and folere drink

Tanzanian Pilau and Salad

August 2016

Chicken pilau and kachumbari

West African Dishes

April 2016

Fried plantains (alloco), grilled chicken, tomato-onion sauce (attieke sauce), attieke, and hibiscus juice

Cameroonian Sauteed Greens

September 2014

Sauteed greens and croquettes ('chin-chin')

Taste of Africa

October 2014

Beans stew and fried ripe plantains

Ethiopian Cooking

November 2014

Fasolia, tibs, and misir

Taste of Madagascar

July 2012

Simmered beef ('hen'omby ritra'), bambara groundpeas and pork ('voanjobory sy henakisoa'), tomato salad (lasary voatabia'), eggrolls ('samaosa'), and cassava cake ('mofo mangahazo')

Algerian Cooking

June 2010

Bourek bel kefta, crushed wheat soup with lamb, chicken with olives tagine ('djej bil zitoon'), and ghrebia louze

Nigerian Cooking

November 2010

Rice, beans, and plantain with chicken

Tunisian Cooking

March 2010

Couscous with meat, grilled salad ('salata mishwiyya'), and tajine with beans and potatoes