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Latin America & Caribbean Recipes

February 2021

Pupusas and pastelillos de carne

April 2021

Arroz con leche and churros con chocolate

October 2020

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Arroz con Habichuelas (rice and beans) and Pollo Guisado (chicken stew)

February 2020

Pastelillos de carne, tostones, and pastelillos de guayaba y queso

September 2019

Flautas de papa and arroz Mexicano

October 2019

Rice, red beans stew, and sweet fried plantain 

August 2019

Handmade tortillas and frijoles (refried beans)

October 2018

Rogel, chocotorta, and coquitos

October 2017

Beef empanadas and alfajores de dulce de leche

November 2017

Patacones (fried plantains), arroz de guando (rice with pigeon peas), fried yucca, postre frio (peach and milk dessert), and empanadas

May 2017

Chicken coxinhas, brigadeiro, and fresh pineapple and mint juice

March 2017

Jerk chicken, fried sweet plantains, rice and beans, and fruit punch

August 2017

Ropa vieja (braised shredded meat), Patacones (fried plantains), Plátanos en Tentación (caramel-glazed plantains), and Tajadas (fried sweet plantains)

September 2016

Cauliflower stir-fry and roasted chicken with garlic and lime

November 2016

Jocon (Guatemalan chicken in tomatillo-cilantro sauce) and rellenitos (fried stuffed plantains)

March 2016

Jamaican ackee and saltfish with white rice and fried ripe plantains

February 2016

Tacos de Pollo a la Mexicana, carne asada tacos, veggie sweet potato and black bean tacos, salsa verde, salsa roja asada, and guacamole

September 2015

Arepas, tequenos, and shredded chicken

December 2015

Callaloo, curry pigeon peas, macaroni pie, and sorrel Christmas drink

April 2015

Cazuela and panqueque (pancakes)

October 2014

Aloo pies, rice and peas, and Trinidad stewed chicken

March 2014

Chicken pelau, fried bake, and pumpkin pone

June 2014

Spiced lentil tacos and mango black bean quinoa

April 2014

Brazilian chocolate truffles ('brigadeiro') and Brazilian stroganoff ('estrogonofe de carne')

October 2013

Trinidad pelau, okra fungi, cornmeal pap (porridge), and fried Johnny cakes

November 2013

Chicken curry, borhani, mole poblano, and agua de tamarindo

May 2013

Frijoles refritos, picadillo, chicken tinga, mushrooms in green sauce, salsa verde, salsa roja asada, and guacamole

May 2013

Curried shrimp with white rice, green bananas with tuna, Jamaican cabbage salad, and festivals

March 2013

Chicken tortilla bowls, vegetable taquitos, and mango guacomole

April 2013

Strogonofe, baked potato, piamontese rice, salmon, and chocolate candy ('brigadeiro')

September 2012

Jerk chicken, fried sweet plantains, and red pea soup

May 2012

Spicy black bean salad, spicy grilled chicken, spicy rice, mixed greens salad, cilantro-lime vinaigrette, Sudeep's guacamole, and grilled rice tortillas

March 2012

Pollo pibil, red Mexican rice, and guacamole

February 2012

Lucky purses, Korean-style jalapeno stuffer, and carnitos tacos with peach and avocado salsa 

November 2011

Jamaican rice and peas, curry chicken, Trinidadian macaroni pie, sweet plantains, and banana fritters

March 2011

Traditional Nicaraguan beef stew

June 2011

Plantain soup and sweetened plantain ('platano calao')

June 2011

Moro, tostones, ensalada tipica, BBQ chicken wings with Dominican twist, and BBQ chicken wings with sofrito

January 2011

Empanadas and stuffed plantains 

December 2011

Korean-style BBQ sliders, salsa criolla Argentina, vegetarian egg rolls, and zucchini fries with sriracha mayo

April 2011

Ginger beer, chilled avocado soup, weeping onion pie ('pissaladiere'), peas n' rice, baked wahoo with basil, and loquats tarte tatin

September 2010

Feijoada, pao de quejo, moqueqa de peixe, rice, brigadeiros, and guarana

October 2010

Tinga poblana, salsa roja, salsa verde, and agua de Jamaica

April 2010

Dry noodles ('fideo seco'), tortilla soup ('sopa de tortilla'), and salsa pico de gallo

September 2009

Tamales, vegan cheese, enchiladas, basic guacamole, salsa fresca, bread pudding, and tofu custard

September 2009

Chocolate candy ('brigadeiro') and seafood stew ('moqueca de peixe e camarao')

November 2009

Chilaquiles rancheros and green enchiladas

September 2008

Ensalada cubana, tostones, ropa vieja, and arroz con gris