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Asia Recipes

March 2021

Stir fried potato and Taiwanese egg and corn crepe

September 2020

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Fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce and fried egg rolls with garlic and chili dipping sauce. 

November 2020

Tomato and egg stir fry and tomato and egg drop soup

March 2020

Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes) and gimbap (rice rolls with seaweed, veggies, and meat)

January 2020

Manti and tomato salad

February 2020

Spring rolls

February 2020
September 2019

Dumplings with pork and chives filling and egg and chives filling, Coca-Cola chicken wings, and crushed cucumber salad

October 2019

Potato samosas

November 2019
November 2019

Beef radish soup and glass noodle salad (japchae)

May 2019

Steamed rice rolls and fruit cocktail

March 2019
June 2019

Fried bread (luchi), paneer curry, and mango lassi 

July 2019

Tangy chole (chickpeas and tomatoes) and basic chapati

January 2019

Braised pork with eggs, pickled bean sprouts, fresh spring rolls, and peanut dipping sauce

April 2019

South Indian style chicken curry, roti, kuih dadar, and mango lassi

September 2018

Polou with ghee (clarified butter) and cardamom, chicken curry, cucumber and tomato salad, eggplant fry, egg curry with coconut milk, and mango lassi

October 2018

Pork and vegetable dumplings and scallion pancakes

October 2018

Egg Dum Biryani and Semolina Halwa

May 2018

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles, 3-Cup Chicken, Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, and Taro Ball & Sweet Potato Ball

February 2018

Twice cooked pork slices with hot sauce, mapo tofu, cauliflower with dried shrimp, egg custard, and fried meatballs

April 2018

Chole (chickpea curry), Aloo (potato curry), and Poori (fried bread)

October 2017

Homemade panneer, butternut squash soup, and palak paneer

October 2017

Braised chicken, spinach salad, stir-fried tomatoes and eggs, and traditional-style walnut crumble cookies

November 2017

Easy kimchi, bossam, and Korean noodle soup

May 2017

Chicken rice and paratha with curry 

June 2017

Polou with ghee (clarified butter), coconut milk and cardamom, chicken curry, chickpea curry, and mango lassi

July 2017

Crispy stuffed bitter melon (karela), whole roasted cauliflower (gobi musallam), and lauki dal

February 2017

Sweet potato roti, split-mung dal, and pumpkin and potatoes Marwari-style

December 2017

Moong pakon, pathisapta pitha, rice with ghee and lime, chickpea curry, and fried eggplant

April 2017

Ondeh ondeh

April 2017

Mango lassi, banana fritters, cauliflower and chickpea curry, and mixed vegetable pakoras

September 2016

Nasi lemak and chicken rendang

October 2016

Hoentse datshi (spinach curry with cheese) and kewa datshi (potatoes, chilies, and cheese)

October 2016

Hara Moong, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Cumin Rice

November 2016

Fried rice and stir fried eggs with tomatoes 

July 2016

Patishapta pitha, rice with ghee, chickpeas curry, and shrimp vapay

January 2016

Fresh spring rolls, shaking beef, and fried sesame balls

February 2016

Chinese dumplings, Vietnamese braised pork and eggs, and Vietnamese pickled bean sprouts

August 2016

Grilled pork, fried lemongrass tofu, dipping sauces, and pickled daikon and carrots

April 2016

Totoro bento box

April 2016

Korean rice balls, Korean-style pickles, and bulgogi

September 2015

Homemade paneer, mattar paneer, and smoky vegetable bean soup

September 2015

Milk rice, stir-fried onions, chicken curry, ginger tea, and Sri Lankan pancakes with coconut

October 2015

Cucumber, tomato and mango salad, mango lassi, shaami kabob, chicken biryani, and mishti doi

November 2015

Moong dal, spiced cabbage, and cumin rice

March 2015

Cheese patties ('syrniki') and dumplings ('pelmeni') 

March 2015

Japanese curry

June 2015

Multigrain rice ('japgokbap'), rice with bulgogi ('Seoul bulgogi ssambap'), and fried rice ('bokkeumbap')

July 2015

Samosas and chickpeas salad with spiced yogurt

January 2015

Chottpoti, mango lasshi, and patishapta pitha (pie)

February 2015

Chongqing noodles

August 2015

Shaved ice with fresh fruits, red beans, and mochi

August 2015

Fried pumpkin rice noodles and pork and napa cabbage dumplings

September 2014

Pad si ew and stuffed crescents with mung bean filling ('kha nom thua paeb')

September 2014

Chicken biryani, borhani, tomato salad, and mango ice-cream

October 2014

Chinese dumplings

November 2014

Onion, potato, and eggplant pakoras

May 2014

Chicken pad thai and tapioca pearls pudding with corn

May 2014

Spring rolls ('goi cuon'), peanut dipping sauce, shrimp-crab noodle soup ('bun rieu'), and mung bean pudding with tapioca pearls ('che dau xanh bot bang')

March 2014

Chicken potstickers,  spinach and ricotta ravioli, and samosas

March 2014

Sour soup ('canh chua chay'), tofu braised with tomato and pineapple ('dau khuon kho'), and cabbage salad ('goi chay')

March 2014

Red bean rice cake, matang, mochi, and bubble tea

July 2014

Pho from scratch

January 2014

Patishapta and bhaja pitha

January 2014

Basil chicken ('gai pad krapow'), spicy pork salad ('larb muu'), and coconut munchkins ('ka nom tom white')

February 2014

Spicy rice cakes ('ddukbokki') and fish cake soup ('odeng-guk')

December 2014

Pull noodles with beef, onion, ginger, garlic, potato, spinach, carrot, and cilantro

April 2014

Eggplant fry, chicken curry ('murghir jhol'), bhuna khichuri, and jhal muri

April 2014

Broccoli salad, salad-e shirazi, caprese salad, edamame and rice noodle salad, Vietnamese cucumber salad, and pickled carrots and daikon

September 2013

Borsch, salat olivier, and blinchiki

September 2013

Noodles with meat sauce

September 2013

Vegetable, spicy tuna, and California rolls

September 2013

Vegetable poluv, Bengali beef curry, and chana dal with pumpkin

October 2013

Dumplings, pot stickers, wonton soup, spring rolls, and celery peanut salad

October 2013

Spring rolls ('gỏi cuốn'), peanut dipping sauce, and grilled lemongrass chicken ('bun ga nuong xa')

November 2013

Chicken curry, borhani, mole poblano, and agua de tamarindo

May 2013

Xinjiang chicken stew and northwestern chow mien

May 2013

Naan bread, chicken shish kabob, and allur dum

June 2013

Grilled pork, pickled carrots and daikon, and simple dipping sauce

July 2013

Chicken biryani, shammi kabob, borhani, and tomato cucumber salad

July 2013

Spicy pork sausage bread ('chouris-pao'), ground meat pie ('maasa-tarte'), and coconut filled pancake ('álébélé')

January 2013

Mughlai paratha, mango chutney, potatoes fried with spices ('aloo bhaji'), and tea with garam masala

February 2013

Beef and broccoli stir-fry, vegetable fried rice, and chicken lo mein

February 2013

Taiwanese-style spring rolls, sam sun braised rice crust, assorted hot pot, and baked New Year cake

August 2013

Eggplant with coconut milk, chana dal with egg, and rice with ghee and saffron

April 2013

Siu mai, fried shrimp with cashews, sweet corn soup, and brown sugar ice cream with nuts

April 2013

Hainanese chicken rice, chili shrimp, fried shrimp noodles ('hokkien mee'), and sweet potatoes and taro in coconut milk ('bubur cha cha')

April 2013

Teriyaki beef kabobs, Mediterranean chicken kabobs, tzatziki sauce, and grilled fruit with ice cream

September 2012

Creamy chicken kebabs ('murg malai tikka kebab'), grilled red spiced fish and shrimp ('tandoori machi/jhinga'), and grilled green lamb and beef cubes ('boti hara ghosh')

October 2012

Sia song, tomato broth beef noodles, and baked crab rangoon

October 2012

Samosa, luchi, aloo dum, mango chutney, bondia, and tea with garam masala

November 2012

Basic kimchi ('pogi kimchi' or 'kimjang kimchi') and salad-style kimchi ('kutchuli')

May 2012

Super kale salad, ginger rice, mung dal soup, pancit, and paneer with bell peppers

March 2012

Chicken with dipping sauces, Thai eggplants with shrimp paste sauce, fried salmon with tomato and pineapple sauce, and winter melon soup ('canh bi dao')

June 2012

Cabbage and sweet pea stir fry, eggplant, fried okra, alu mattor chop, tomato chutney, fulcoypper dulna, ghee bhath, and cingree paalong shak

June 2012

Pate chaud and pate choux

July 2012

Mung bean pesarattu, tomato chutney, south Indian coffee, and sundal 

February 2012

Pickled mustard greens, red bean bao, and dumplings

February 2012

Lucky purses, Korean-style jalapeno stuffer, and carnitos tacos with peach and avocado salsa 

February 2012

Chicken manchurian, schezwan potato fry, hakka noodles, and chili paneer 

August 2012

Korean BBQ ('bulgogi'), stirred vegetable mix ('japchae'), celery salad ('celery muchim'), zucchini pancake ('hobak buchimgae'), and noddles with soybean milk ('kong guksu')

April 2012

Rice pearl, braised pork egg rice, fried rice noodle, and assorted seafood thick broth

September 2011

Easy healthy dumplings and pan-fried bao stuffed with pork

October 2011

Crispy fish fry, semolina halwa ('sheera'), Malvani chicken sagoti, kokum sol-kadhi, coconut fish curry, and French beans and coconut

October 2011

Sushi rolls, oriental dressing, nut mayonnaise, tofu eggless salad, and old-fashioned baked pumpkin pudding

November 2011

Minced pork congee with preserved egg, laba congee, scallop with egg custard, and crispy sugar-coated fruit ('tanghulu')

November 2011

Healthy black bean dip, spicy pepita nut mix, Thai pumpkin soup, fresh salad greens with pumpkin dressing, northern Italian pumpkin lasagna, and oatmeal choco-pumpkin crisps

May 2011

Spring rolls ('goi cuon'), peanut dipping sauce, shrimp and crab noodle soup ('bun rieu'), and rainbow drink ('che ba mau')

May 2011

Coconut pudding ('maja blanca'), spring rolls ('lumpiang sariwa'), Filipino-style meatloaf ('embutido'), and pancit

May 2011

Coconut pudding ('maja blanca'), spring rolls ('lumpiang sariwa'), Filipino-style meatloaf ('embutido'), and pancit

May 2011

Ras malai, veg pulav, kosha mangsho, pineapple and mango salad, alu chop, and chole

June 2011

Rice and vegetable medley ('bibimbop'), sweet and nutty dried anchovy ('meyulchi bokkum'), sweet and spicy dried squid ('jinmi chae'), chicken drummet with sweet soy sauce ('dakbong jo-rim'), seaweed soup ('miyeok guk'), and watermelon juice

July 2011

Vietnamese cucumber salad, tropical black bean salad with mango, and Mama Drake's salad

February 2011

Fish kujit, coconut chicken, coconut cordial, and fish fry

December 2011

Korean-style BBQ sliders, salsa criolla Argentina, vegetarian egg rolls, and zucchini fries with sriracha mayo

August 2011

Callaloo, curry chicken, red beans and rice, and lime squash

August 2011

Nasi lemak

September 2010

Tofu and zucchini kushikatsu, sushi cake, nut mayonnaise, carrot "tuna", adzuki and edamame ice cream, and stuffed Japanese radish

September 2010

Biryani, shami kebab, boondi raita, and sharbat e roohafza

October 2010

Dumplings (Nepali 'momo') with tomato chutney and fried rice ('pulao')

February 2010

Curried vegetables with bread ('Bombay pav-bhaji'), onion fritter ('kanda bhajia'), masala chai tea, and potato-based burger ('Mumbai vada pav')

October 2009

Goan sausage ('chorizo'), shrimp pulao ('arroz de camarao'), Goan chicken curry ('chicken caffreal'), Goan coconut filling pancake ('ale belle'), and  banana lassi

October 2009

Hard-boiled chicken with soy sauce ('gan-jang dak jorim'), beef-pork patty cake ('dong-gurang ddang'), and sugar sweet potatoes ('goguma mat-tang')

October 2009

Pirozhki, vinegret salad, and almond rings ('kol'tso mindal 'noe')

November 2009

Pork stir fry with basil ('pad krapao moo') and deep-fried fish with celery ('pla pud kuen chai')

May 2009


March 2009

Pumpkin/sweet potato pancake, rice cake, tofu and egg appetizer, dumplings, fried eggplant, spicy beancurd, fried eggs with tomatoes, bok choy, and pork and vegetable soup

June 2009

Oven-baked spring rolls, rice paper spring rolls, chapchei stir-fry noodles, gyoza dumplings, and tapioca pudding

January 2009

Dumplings, won ton, sour sweet soup, and vegetable fried rice

January 2009

Sushi cake, dragon roll, and temari sushi

February 2009

Raita, basmati rice, chicken curry, and mango lassi

February 2009

Potato salad ('aloo chat'), fried eggplant, fried fish, bundi raita, pea pulav, lentil curry ('dal makhani'), chicken tandoori, and mango lassi

December 2009

Nevries, spiced Indian chai, gajjar ka halwa, and kheer 

April 2009

Pancit bihon and lumpia

December 2008

Thai soup, tom yum soup, sauteed shrimp, pork omelet, and bean sprouts

February 2002

Boiled pork ('buta no kakuni'), quick pickles ('sokuseki duke'), California roll, and sushi rice

November 2001

Spring roll and vegetable soup

March 2001

Rice dumpling with sweet soy sauce ('mitarashi dango'), awayukikann, manju, and rice cake with cherry leaf ('sakura mochi')

October 1999

Vietnamese eggroll

November 1997

Noodles and chicken green curry