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Middle Eastern Recipes

March 2017

Persian herbed omelet (Kookoo sabzi), eggplant dip (kashke bedemjan), tomato and cucumber salad (salad shirazi), marzipan cookie (toot), rice cookies (naan berenji), and chickpea cookies (nokhodchi)

January 2017

Falafel, hummus, and beef kofta stew

February 2017

Cucumber mint yogurt, baba ganoush, tabouleh, chickpea salad, spicy potatoes, and chicken tikka

March 2016

Persian sabzi polo with fish, puffy walnuts, and zaban pastry

July 2016

Ash-e Mast (Persian Yogurt Soup)

February 2016

Kofte, pilav, kisir, and ayran

January 2015

Deep fried cheese rolls ('cigarette borek') and assorted small dishes

April 2015

Ali nazik, kisir, and ayran

February 2014

Lentil stew and lentil soup

April 2014

Broccoli salad, salad-e shirazi, caprese salad, edamame and rice noodle salad, Vietnamese cucumber salad, and pickled carrots and daikon

October 2013

Kafta, rice, tabbouli, hummus, and pita chips

November 2013

String beans with rice ('estomboli polo'), salad shirazi, and kotlet

March 2013

Edgeh, baba ganoush, hummus, labneh, and Turkish cacik

April 2013

Teriyaki beef kabobs, Mediterranean chicken kabobs, tzatziki sauce, and grilled fruit with ice cream

April 2013

Koftay and pulao with raita

October 2012

Spinach and feta cheese borek ('ispanakh peynirli borek'), cigar borek, and baklava

November 2012

Yogurt dip and kotlet

November 2012

Hummus, yogurt sauce, and chicken shawarma

May 2011

Hummus, baba ganoush, spinach triangles, falafel, and halvah

October 2010

Chicken karachi, raita, and chapli kebab

May 2010

Kibe, hummus, and rice with lentils

March 2010


April 2009

Yogurt salad, fresh vegetable salad, chicken kebab, khoresht fesenjan, Persian rice ('chelo'), and baghali polo

March 2002

Azeri eggplant ('ikrah')

March 2002

Zeytinyagli yarpak dolmasi

March 1999

Turkish-style white kidney meal

July 1998

Turkish lentil balls